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Tourism and Food


It is so nice to have visitors who are as passionate about the art of cooking as I am. If you are already a professional chef, are in the food industry, or just love to express yourself through recipes and dishes with family and friends, please make yourself welcome, relax, and spend some time with me. I will show you the under explored world of Romanian cuisine.

“…Romania is still an undiscovered country, and Romanian cuisine remains extremely separated by regions, isolated, almost inaccessible.”
—Radu Anton Roman (Culinary Expert and Cooking Show Host)

Romanian cuisine is an enigma of sorts; although simple ingredients are only needed, its complex flavor and palate suggests there is more inside each bite then something ordinary. Following the traditional recipes there is no chemical ingredients or additives; therefor nothing gets in the way of the true flavor whence it interacts with the taste buds.

Within my book series “Journey of Romanian Recipes”, I have decided to start slowly with my readers providing them guidance as a chef would to pupils in a cooking class. Each new addition to the series will be a progression into more complex and tantalizing recipes in Romanian Tradition. This will allow you to develop from beginner to expert level, taking full advantage of these unique bad credit payday loans no faxing tastes and flavors. As the series expands, so will your insight into the exquisite world of traditional Romanian cuisine, where once mastered you can then inspire and expand on the recipes in your own form of originality!

To provide an in-depth teacher to pupil experience, my series will offer a more intimate atmosphere, by providing you more personal advice and secrets from my family kitchen. Such information as:

  • Tips and secrets in approaching the purchase of materials, whether it is your favorite Super Market or your neighborhood Farmers Market.
  • Complex information regarding the quantities of raw materials that must be purchased for the preparation of a large number of portions.
  • Combinations of recipes to serve together or in order, to impress your dinner guests for the evening or to create an impressive menu selection for your restaurant patrons to savior.
  • Originality! As we develop together you will have the skill to imply your imagination to existing recipes or even create your own!

As the series expands you will uncover these types of recipes:

My grandfather and his brother
  • Dressings, Sauces and Gravies
  • Cold Dishes and Hot Dishes made from:
    • Vegetables
    • Meats (including game),
    • Fish
  • Soups, Pottages, and Stocks
  • Garnishes
  • Pasta Cheese and Eggs
  • Grills of all Varieties
  • Salads
  • Deserts

So let’s start the journey together!

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