About the website

The TOURISM & FOOD website contains culinary recipes and useful information addressed to food service businesses ( restaurants, cafeterias, catering firms etc ), cooking schools , amateur or professional cooks, but also to culinary arts afficionados with basic knowledge of cooking techniques (for those who will put the recipes into practice ). 



For the managers of this type of business, the information on the website is useful and necessary for :

  • the correct management of the business with the aid of information which enables one to establish prices correctly, 
  • the purchasing of the correct amounts of raw materials depending on the number of consumers envisaged, 
  • the correct calculation of potential losses by cutting down on waste caused by the quick spoilage of perishable raw materials when amounts larger than necessay are purchased, so that the dishes served can be based on fresh ingredients.
  • the purchasing of the correct amounts of raw materials needed based on the number of servings envisaged, thus precluding situations in which the amount of raw materials is smaller than necessary.

This website aims to provide support to users in the form of 2000 professional culinary recipes designed for 10 and 100 servings; the recipes also include the weight of one serving in grams, as well as nutrition information and the energy value per serving, based on the ingredients used at the time.


These ingredients are over 98% natural, just as they were in the 1930s-1960s, as no use is made of chemical additives, taste enhancers, flavours, colourings etc.


Here is what sets this website apart from an ordinary recipe site :

  1. The nature of the ingredients used – natural ingredients, which are the only thing the dishes get their taste from, as opposed to chemical additives, which can bear high risks for human health
  2. Designing the recipes in a way that provides information regarding the amounts of ingredients needed for a large number of servings ( 10 and 100 de servings ), so that users may optimise their costs as much as possible by purchasing raw materials in amounts suitable for the desired number of final servings, thus eliminating waste.
  3. The weight in grams of each serving is yet another detail which aids users in making as acorrect as possible a projection of the final price per serving.
  4. The nutrition information and energy value of each serving
  5. A table contianing NUTTRITION AND ENERGY INFORMATION/ Kg OF PRODUCT FOR 171 FOODSTUFFS ( calories, protein, fat and carbohydrate )
  6. A table containing the PERCENT YIELD THROUGH TRIMMING, BOILING AND BAKING (FRYING) of 165 foodstuffs divided into categories : 
  • Meat and meat products.
  • Poultry and game 
  • Vegetables, greens and fruits
  • Fish.

This information is extremely useful for increasing cost efficiency, as well as for better control of the raw material flow, from purchasing to end product, especially for those with insufficent experience in food services.

  1. An indicator of the DISHES WHICH CAN BE PREPARED DEPENDING ON THE SEASON. ( IMPORTANT : the table is designed according to Romanian seasons, climate and local raw materials and can be useful especially for regions similar to the one the information comes from and refers to – Romania !)


  2. Various useful pieces of information regarding the basic utensils required in a professional kitchen, as well as the way to organise one to improve the production flow, maintain proper hygiene for the full satisfaction of the paying customer and... implicitly... for the success of the business itself.


It is important to bear in mind that the recipes on this website are not aimed at amateurs, but at those who have at least basic knowledge of cooking techniques or are training to become cooks.

The website will constantly be updated with new recipes and information, which is why it is recommended to check it regularly in order to keep up to date with the new information !

That is why the recipes on the website are basic, which allows the person applying them to improve them according to his/her own imagination and experience, so that the end product should have a personalised touch !

The aim of this site is to introduce users into the facinating culinary world of Dracula’s homeland, but also that of former communist countries ( the German Democratic Republic, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria ) through recipes for dishes which have stood the test of time and made history.

In food services, a diverse set of recipes can be the key to the success of a business.


It has often been the case that a food establishment became known due to one particular – sometimes commonplace – dish, which, however, being prepared with skill and love, won consumers’ hearts and turned the establishment into a household name.

People are more inclined to associate a place or location with a dish or a drink they liked rather than with a historical monument or other such elements.


So surprise your customers with new dishes, be they mere hors d’oeuvres, a certain type of pickles or a complicated dish !


Make your customers want to return to you for a certain dish and recommend you to others !

Take your pick out of the multitude of recipes on the website and give your choices a personal touch, so that your consumers may appreciate you more than the competition, because.... REMEMBER : it’s the small details that make the difference and can skyrocket you to the top !

Recipes can be downloaded in PDF format and then printed out !

All that is left for us to do is to wish you to ENJOY and BUILD A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS !