Terms and Conditions

I. About Us


Tourism-and-food.com is owned and managed by S.C. NIAD PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS SRL. seated in Bucharest, Aleea Rotunda no. 4, Bl. H6, Sc. E, Ap. 81, Sector 3, registered with the Trade Register Office under number J40/3001/2011 , unique registration code: 28177569, hereinafter called Company.


You can contact us in the following ways:


- via mail, at the mailing address: S.C. NIAD PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS SRL. seated in Bucharest, Aleea Rotunda no. 4, Bl. H6, Sc. E, Ap. 81, Sector 3
- via e-mail, at the following e-mail address: office@tourism-and-food.com
- via phone, at the phone number : 004.0758.55.88.18. ( Bucharest, Romania ): 
- or +1(312)409-5730(Chicago, USA)

II. About tourism-and-food.com


tourism-and-food.com is an e-commerce service, offering its users the possibility to get possession of the displayed products, professional cooking recipes, addressing particularly to professional cooks, cooking amateurs, but who have technical knowledge on the cooking art, cooking schools, and to those who have business in the domain of catering. The products are purchased online, buying a fixed number of credits to be used to pay the recipes in a limited period of time, depending on the chosen package.

The credits that are not consumed during that limited period of time allocated to the afferent package are lost.

III. Intellectual Property

tourism-and-food.com and the tourism-and-food.com logo (graphic representation) are trademarks of SC NIAD PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS SRL


The contents and design of tourism-and-food.com, as well as any other material related to this, sent to you via e-mail or in any other way (for example: through articles, design, product description and any other materials) belong to the Company and/or its collaborators. You may not use, reproduce or allow anybody to use or reproduce the materials of tourism-and-food.com, without holding a written previous permission of the Company. 

You may not use frames (in HTML language) or framing techniques (in HTML language) for trademarks, logos or any other information protected by the copyright laws (inclusively images, texts, interfaces, forms) of tourism-and-food.com, without holding a written previous permission of the Company. 




Limited, revocable and nonexclusive creation of hyperlinks to the index page of tourism-and-food.com is allowed, as long as this action does not put the tourism-and-food.com service in a false, offending, deceptive, derogatory light. You may not use the Company’s logo or other graphic materials, or trademarks, as part of the hyperlinks, without holding a written previous permission of the Company. Reporting the cases of copyright violation may be done to the address......................................

IV. Registration as User

The website www.tourism-and-food.com may be accessed freely, and the mere navigation in its pages is not conditioned by the registration as user (the creation of a user account on the website). However, to benefit from certain services provided by the website, such as purchase of products presented by it, reception of the newsletter www.tourism-and-food.com or verification of the situation of your own orders, you have to register as user (you have to create a user account on the website). The registration as user involves the previous acceptation by you of the www.tourism-and-food.com Terms and Conditions of Use and Confidentiality Policy. These regulations represent the contractual basis of the relations between the users and the Company.


As the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Confidentiality Policy may be amended, please review them on a periodical basis. If you no longer agree with their provisions, please stop accessing / using the services of www.tourism-and-food.com. 

If you use this website, you are liable for the keeping of confidentiality of the access data in your user account, created on the website and you agree on assuming responsibility for all the activities that take place in your user account created on the website.


www.tourism-and-food.com may sell products for underage persons, but it sells them to adults, who are authorised to make online payments using the card or any other payment method accepted by www.tourism-and-food.com. If you are a minor, you may buy products on www.tourism-and-food.com, only with the help of a parent or a tutor. 


www.tourism-and-food.com reserves its right to close user accounts, to modify or delete texts, images, hyperlinks or to refuse selling products, at its own discretion.


V. Personal Data

Subsequent to your registration as user of www.tourism-and-food.com, we shall ask you to present a series of personal data, such as first and last names, e-mail address, and also other personal information, which might allow your identification as user of the service www.tourism-and-food.com. Also, to subscribe to the newsletter or alerts of www.tourism-and-food.com, you have to give us a valid e-mail address, as well as other data connected to you. Please access the Confidentiality Policy page, in order to read about the information collected by www.tourism-and-food.com, about the way in which it is used and about the rights related to the protection of your privacy.



In accordance with the requirements of the Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, as amended and extended and of the Law no. 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and protection of privacy in electronic communications sector, S.C. NIAD PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS SRL. has to manage the personal data sent by our clients safely and only in the specified purposes. 


S.C. NIAD PROFESIONAL SOLUTIONS SRL. is registered with the Personal Data Processing Register under no. 22874 The purpose of collecting the data is: issuing the fiscal invoice, informing the customers on the status of their orders and sending them the ordered products.


VI. Buying Procedure

In order to buy and get the possession of the products offered on www.tourism-and-food.com for sale, it is necessary to follow these steps:

- identification and choosing the products;

- putting recipes and desired materials in the shopping cart;

- after finishing the selection process and adding the products in the shopping cart, go to the shopping cart;

- if you are not logged in, create an account or authenticate if you already have a valid account;

- after logging in, buy a credit package in order to purchase the materials. If you do not have a credit package already bought, or if you do not have sufficient credits in your account, you shall be guided how to buy a credit package;

- in order to buy and pay a credit package, you shall be redirected to the payment secured page (3dSecure) of the payment processor mobilPay™ - https://www.mobilpay.ro/public/. Here, you must introduce your card data. The data shall neither be stocked on the servers of mobilPay™, nor by the Company, but are directly sent to the processing bank. 

- after having made the payment, the number of credits bought shall be added in your account and you are returned to your shopping cart where you can finalise your buy;

- the materials purchased by you shall be available on your account to download in PDF format;


By launching an electronic order on www.tourism-and-food.com, you agree on the means of communication (via phone or via e-mail) used by the website to carry on its operations. 

VII. Product Description and Return

www.tourism-and-food.com makes all efforts to be as accurate as possible, however, www.tourism-and-food.com does not guarantee that the descriptions of products or of other types of materials related to these are precise, complete, current or without errors. 


The recipes on the www.touriam-and-food.com are old professional recipes, which have, in their composition, raw materials specific to the years ‘50s in Romania, hence adapting these recipes to ingredient and cooking techniques specific to each geographic area is subject to the skills of the user. Therefore, we suggest that the recipes should be first prepared in smaller quantities, to be tested as regards their taste and texture, before being served in their final form.

VIII. Reviews, Comments, Communication and Other Types of Content

Users may publish comments or may send suggestions, ideas via e-mail, may ask questions, propose articles or other types of materials, as long as their content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, does not violate the right of privacy or the law regarding the protection of intellectual property, does not contain computer viruses, commercial or political communication, instigating at hatred or intolerance for ethnical, religious, racial or sexual orientation reasons, collective messages or other forms of spam. You may not use false e-mail addresses or identities for posting comments or for sending suggestions, messages or other types of content. www.tourism-and-food reserves its right, but it does not have the obligation, to eliminate or edit all types of contents posted by users and does not have to review the contents periodically. Together with posting comments or sending messages, photographs or other types of content to and on www.tourism-and-food.com, you also nonexclusively, perpetually, irrevocably send the intellectual property rights over the posted materials, unless the Company indicates otherwise. The Company has the right to modify, reproduce, transmit, adapt, publish, distribute the materials posted by the users, in any means of mass communication from any country. By posting reviews, comments, communication and other types of content on www.tourism-and-food.com, you transfer to the Company the right to use your name in connection with the posted materials; you guarantee that you own or control in another way the intellectual property right over the materials published by you; that the posted materials do not violate the conditions of publishing reviews, comments, messages and any forms of content of www.tourism-and-food.com.



www.tourism-and-food.com has the right, but not the obligation, to monitor, edit or delete any type of content or activities of the users on the website. www.tourism-and-food.com is not liable and does not assume its responsibility for any of the materials published by third parties on the website. www.tourism-and-food.com is entitled not to publish all the comments and articles proposed by the users.

IX. Force Majeure

www.tourism-and-food.com, the affiliates and/or generally the suppliers of products or services to www.tourism-and-food.com may not be held liable for any delay or error resulting directly or indirectly from cause that do not depend on the will of www.tourism-and-food.com. This exoneration includes, but it does not limit to, the following: malfunctions of the technical equipment of www.tourism-and-food.com, lack of connection to the internet, lack of connection to phone, computer viruses, unauthorised access at the www.tourism-and-food.com systems, operating errors, as well as force majeure causes stipulated by the Romanian legislation in force.

X. Advertising

www.tourism-and-food.com may display in its pages advertisements of the products from its offer and also of products or services belonging to third parties. By using www.tourism-and-food.com and by accepting the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Confidentiality Policy, you directly express your agreement of being the addressee of these communications with commercial character.

XI. Claims related to the Violation of the Law regarding the Protection of Intellectual Property

www.tourism-and-food.com respects the third parties’ intellectual property right. If you see that the website contains information violating their intellectual property right, please send us a notice at the e-mail address: office@tourism-and-food.com, or contact us at the fax and phone numbers or at the mailing address presented under the chapter About Us of this contract. 



XII. Applicable Legislation

The services provided by the Company on the website www.tourism-and-food.com are governed by the dispositions of the Romanian laws, particularly the Law 365/2002 on electronic commerce, the Ordinance 130/2000 on consumer protection in the conclusion and execution of distance contracts, the Government Decision 448/2005.

The terms and conditions of www.tourism-and-food.com are subject to Romanian legislation. In case of disputes, an amiable solution shall be the first option to be used in 30 business days since the registration of the claim. Unless an agreement is reached in the period of time specified above, the disputes between parties shall be sent to the competent courts of the municipality of Bucharest.


XIII. Presentation of the Offer  

SC NIAD PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS SRL reserves its right to operate anytime modifications of the prices and technical data that are present on the website www.tourism-and-food.com, without a previous notice. The photographs presented on the website www.tourism-and-food.com have informative character and differences may exist between these and the products.

Sincerely yours,


Tourism-and-food.com Team